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She Can Be Your Wing Girl


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You can never find my unbeatable charms and beauty in the physical appearances of other Las Vegas Strippers that are available here in the Sin City nowadays. Most of us came from the east coast working with the Worcester escorts so we can be tough if you need us to be. I will really make you so happy to have an experience with all benefits that including my warm hugs, sweet glances and possibly a nuru massage can provided. You will feel like you’re in a paradise on our amazing Sin City Date.

For some reason people think the only ones that need an escort when they come to Las Vegas are horny people. That’s not true. People come to Vegas for a number of reasons that don’t have anything to do with sex. Some come for business, some for pleasure and some just to have fun and do something different. No matter the reason for coming to Vegas, everyone wants to have fun. Vegas escorts like Alisha know how to have fun and will make sure their guests have fun.

Alisha is a multitalented babe. She knows how to give her guests just what they need and how to deliver it. When it’s a business trip, she will make sure she is the perfect, lady-like escort. For those that want to have adult fun, she is the wild girlfriend everyone dreams of having and for those that just want to play in Vegas, she gives the best playdates around.

Women that come to Las Vegas should never try to see the city alone. It’s no fun partying alone and Alisha is an escort that will be the perfect girlfriend to hang out with. She is a woman that knows this city and will lead her guests to all the best spots to make their dream trip come true. When it’s time to party, she will party hard. When it’s time to gossip and come on to someone, she is the perfect wingman. A vacation is no fun if a friend isn’t there to share it with, and she is the friend that is waiting in Vegas.

Most escorts don’t like to have female guests. Alisha doesn’t mind. In fact, she enjoys the company of another woman. There is nothing like talking to a woman about the hot men and women they will see and dance together with. Another woman gives her the chance she needs to appreciate the softness of the female body and the sensual power women carry. When she has a guest that is a female, Alisha enjoys it to the fullest.

When men come to Vegas, they have an agenda and Alisha is the perfect escort for them. She knows there are different things that have to be done and she doesn’t mind doing her part to make it happen. No matter the reason for coming to Vegas, men want to be in the company of a beautiful woman. She can serve as his tour guide, his guide to fun or a companion for his time in Vegas. All these roles fit her perfectly and she makes sure to leave her male guests with a smile and sexy memories of their time together.

She is an escort that doesn’t mind being a wing-woman when her guest wants to hook up with someone else. She is a woman that encourages it to happen and will do what she can to add another beautiful woman to their group for partying. She is also the perfect escort to have when men want to make other men jealous. She is the woman that is flawlessly dressed and will cause a disturbance when she enters the room. Men that have her as an escort will find that she can do what they need her to do with very little instruction.

It’s not odd that couples come to Vegas and seek Alisha as an escort. When she has the pleasure of entertaining a couple as her guests, she knows that there has to be a balance of interests. Some think all the focus will be on the man in the group but that’s not true. She intends on pleasuring both parties and when she leaves them satisfied, she knows she has done her job.

Couples that come to Las Vegas and get an escort often want an adventure they can share. They don’t want to be alone with no knowledge of what to do or what to expect in an exciting city like Las Vegas. These couples want to know they will have fun no matter what they do and where they go. They know they will both get something out of the trip. She is the escort that loves the attention of two people when going out. It’s a turn on for her and she makes it just as sexy for her guests.

When guests arrive in Vegas, they know why they are there. When she knows that her guests are there for adult fun and pleasure that is just what she delivers. She knows that she can play different games with her guests and they will appreciate it. She can dress a bit sexier and she will be appreciated for her beauty and the sensual fun she is going to introduce her guests to.

For the guests that want to experience all the naughty stuff Las Vegas is reputed to have, she is happy to let her hair down. This woman is a part-time dancer and she doesn’t mind showing all that off. She enjoys giving her guests private shows. In her private shows, she can call a friend to help her with a girl on girl show. She can give her guests a sensual massage with a wonderful ending. She knows how to play as sensually as her guests want her to.

The guests that don’t want to go that far don’t have to. She is always happy to show off all the strip clubs Vegas has to offer. She is just as comfortable on the stage at The Crazy Horse III as she is in the audience at The Sapphire Las Vegas. She can do the Sip and Strip and the LAX without complaining or stopping the fun.

Alisha is a woman of many talents. There is nothing like coming to Las Vegas and being greeted by a woman that knows the city. She knows where to go for the most fun and to get the most business accomplished. She also doesn’t mind working a room for her guests to be successful as long as they are happy when the night is over.

Escorts in Las Vegas take their role seriously and Alisha is good at what she does. She is a dream come true for anyone that comes into Vegas. So don’t wait call her today at 702-506-0954.