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She Knows How To Work A Room


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Alisha is the escort of every guest’s dream. She knows how to have fun and she knows how to ensure her guests have fun. When her guests contact her, she knows just what to ask and say to make sure she understands just what they want when they come to Vegas. As soon as she has an understanding, she starts to make a plan. She starts planning different places to go with her guests and different things she can entertain them with.

Trips to Las Vegas mean different things to everyone. There are some that come into Vegas for business and others come for pleasure. Some come to make fantasies come true and others come just to say they have been there. No matter why people come to Vegas, she makes sure they leave with a plan to return as often as they can.

Not every business trip to Vegas has to be all about money and deals. Alisha is a Vegas escort that loves to play while she works. When a guest comes to Vegas and has a meeting at a restaurant or one of the convention centers, she is always happy to help. Business always goes a bit smoother when there is a beautiful woman present to keep conversations flowing and provide a bit of eye candy.

She knows when to dress like a naughty school girl and when to use the education she has. She is a woman that knows how to work a room and make everyone relax. The guests that want a companion for their business meetings will find a pleasurable one with her.

Not only is she good at deals, she is good at bringing attention to herself and her guests. For guests that need a demonstration girl at a convention, she is the best one. The Las Vegas Convention Center is a center that she knows very well and she knows how to bring the attention to her guest’s booth. She is happy to dress in a sexy costume and walk around chatting with convention goers. When it’s time to work, there is nobody that works harder.

Las Vegas is Alisha’s playground. She has been an escort for quite some time and she is a part time dancer. She knows where to go for adult fun, naughty fun and kinky fun. When her guests want to do something, she is always happy to make those things happen.

There are some guests that just want to have adult fun. When she knows that her guests are in town to have fun like that, she does what they want to do. For those that want to go the traditional adult route, she knows just what to do. She will take her clients to see the revues that are always in Vegas. The Chippendales, Fantasy and Stripper 101 shows are always a great way to get adult only nights started. There is nothing like starting at a revue and ending at a strip club.

For those that want to get a bit kinkier, Alisha knows just how to make that happen. She can take her guests to different off the beaten path clubs that locals know about. She can take her guests to different strip clubs that get raunchier than the typical strip clubs. For the guests that want it, she is even willing to put on a girl on girl show in the privacy of their hotel room. There are very few limits that she will listen to if it doesn’t come from her guest’s mouth.

When it’s time to have a bit of kinkier fun, she knows just what to do. There is nothing kinkier to her than performing for her guests. When it’s time to get that kinky, this is an escort that travels with a bag of goodies to play with.

One of her favorite things to do with her guests is to do a private striptease. For those that don’t just want a striptease, she can put on a full strip show. These shows are normally done in the privacy of a hotel room. Not everyone is ready for the kinky tricks this babe will perform in front of her guests. These are the private shows that she uses to show off the dance moves she can’t do at the gentleman’s club she works at. She is able to be as uninhibited as she wants to be. It’s a treat for anyone that has the nerve to watch her perform.

When that’s not enough, Alisha has no problem using the toys in her goodie bag. In her goodie bag are a number of toys that she will use on herself. She loves to play those kinds of games. When she plays with her toys, she is usually left breathless and very satisfied. These are the games that aren’t for everyone but for those that are able to witness it, they know why she is one of the most popular escorts in Las Vegas. With her bag of toys, she brings everyone to pleasure over and over again.

The fun that people can have in Vegas is legendary. There are some people that don’t want to have kinky fun. They only came to Vegas to see the sites like the Bellagio and the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. There are others that want to have a bit of adult fun like gambling at the casinos and partying at The Ghostbar. While some may want to see the adult shows like the X Burlesque or the Chippendales, the show that she will give is mind blowing. Either way Alisha can be reached at 702-506-0954. She is just a phone call away!

Alisha is an escort that takes pride in what she does. She aims to cater to and please her guests. She doesn’t like to disappoint those that have flown all the way into town to see her. When she gets her guests in her hands, she knows what she wants to do with them. She wants to leave them writhing and gasping with pleasure. When they leave, they will take fantasies of her back home.